Kansas City Wind Symphony 2017-2018 Season

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

Concert 1a – October 7, 2017 at 2:00 PM at Lakeview Village
Concert 1b– October 8, 2017 at  7:00 PM at Village Church


Ecstatic Fanfare                                                                                 Steven Bryant

George Washington Bridge                                                             William Schuman

Irish Tune from County Derry                                                        P.A. Grainger
Pat Setser, conducting

Canzon Septimi Toni                                                                        Giovanni Gabrieli
Brass Ensemble

Serenade in Eb                                                                                   Richard Strauss
Chamber Winds


Lincolnshire Posy                                                                              P.A. Grainger

March from Symphonic Metamorphosis                                     Paul Hindemith

Concert 2 – November 12, 2017 at 7:00 PM at Village Church (Dr. Phil Posey, Conducting)

Organ Concert


William Walton – Crown Imperial

Ron Nelson – Pebble Beach Sojourn

Joseph Jongen – Priére (Organ Solo)

Jaromir Weinberger – Polka and Fugue from “Schwanda”

Richard Strauss – Processional Entry

Camille Saint-Saens – Organ Symphony No. 3

Concert 3 – February 11, 2018, at 7:00 PM at Village Church

Resurrection & Rejuvenation

From this Broad Earth                                                                     Steven Bryant

Overture for Band                                                                             Felix Mendelssohn

“Heart Song” from Heart Songs                                                    David Maslanka
Pat Setser, Conducting

With Heart and Voice                                                                      David Gillingham


Begräbnisgesang (Burial Song)                                                      Johannes Brahms
Featuring Jewell Concert Choir
Dr. Anthony Maglione, conducting

Um Mitternacht (At Midnight)                                                      Gustav Mahler
Dr. Alice Ann Light, soloist

Symphonia Voci                                                                                David Holsinger
Featuring Combined Choirs

Concert 4 – March 18, 2018, at 7:00 PM at Village Church

Of Gods and Men

Aegean Symphony                                                                            Gary Ziek

  • Phaeton
  • Pandora

O magnum Mysterium                                                                    Morton Lauridsen

The Planets                                                                                        Gustav Holst

  • Mars, Bringer of War
  • Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity


Gods of Olympus                                                                              Oscar Navarro
(Selected movements TBA)

Aurora Awakes                                                                                  John Mackey

Concert 5a – May 5, 2018, at 2:00 PM at Lakeview Retirement Center
Concert 5b – May 6, 2018, at 7:00 PM at Village Church

Top of the Pops

Washington Post March                                                                 J.P. Sousa

Divertimento                                                                                     Roger Cichy
Brady  Finch, conducting

Blue Bells of Scotland                                                                     Arthur Pryor
Dr. Chris White, trombone solo

La Procesion du Rocio                                                                    Joaquin Turina


Melodious Thunk                                                                             David Biedenbender

Bond, James Bond                                                                           arr. Bulla
Pat Setser, conducting

Escapades from Catch Me If You Can                                        John Williams arr. Bulla
Dr. Zach Shemon, alto saxophone solo

Midway March                                                                                John Williams